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CampusLife: The School is proud of its students for their credit results, innovation,and solid foundation for economic theory, strong flexibility and foreign languageskills. The students have won many awards (National awards, Internationalawards and Beijing awards) in Mathematics Modeling,International Business Simulation Game and English Language Contestsevery year.

Thestudents establish their own associations, organize academic lectures,publish student journals like Jing Cai, Youth League Newspaper of theSchool of Economics, The Economic Journal and hold various recreationactivities. They also take part in different kinds of internships and social practicesactively.

TheSchool holds annual ceremony to encourage and reward the excellent students inacademic field, social practice, volunteer service, cultural activity andsports with award of “innovation and talents” and the “Dean Medal”. Hundreds ofstudents receive awards for their outstanding performance each year. Studentsare expected to make full use of the international and diversified resources offeredby the school so they can build outstanding personal quality and face futurechallenges.

Thestudents in the school of Economics are considered a group of young people withsolid foundation, broad knowledge, strong adaptability and international communicationskills. Thus, they enjoy good employment prospects and broad space for future development.

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