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FacultyMembers: At present, the School of Economics has more than fifty professors andassociate professors. While engaging in teaching and research, some facultymembers also hold positions in various government agencies, such as member ofthe Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, adviser of the BeijingMunicipal Government, adviser of the Ministries and committees of the CentralGovernment, and counselor of the Beijing Municipal Government and so on. Someof the faculty members are directors, or executive directors, of variousacademic associations/organizations. In 2007, the teaching team of economiccourses was designated as “Excellent Teaching Team” of Beijing as well asnational outstanding teaching team by Chinese Ministry of Education in2010.

In addition, quite a few well-known economists andscholars have been awarded honorary professorships by the school. ProfessorMichael Woodford from Columbia University of the United States, Prof. LarsMagnusson from Uppsala University of Sweden, the 2005 Nobel Laureate, ProfessorRobert J. Aumann, and the 1999 Nobel Laureate, Professor Robert A. Mundell arehonorary professors of the school. The school is also proud of its part-timeprofessors: such as Prof. Liu Shucheng, Pei Changhong from the Chinese Academyof Social Sciences, Prof. Pang Jinju from NanKai University and others fromresearch centers and universities.

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