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Capital University of Economics andBusiness(CUEB), founded in 1956,is one of thefour leading public universities of Beijing City and has been developed into acomprehensive educational institution with an emphasis on economics andmanagement, covering six major areas: Economics, Management, Law,Literature, Science and Engineering.CUEB has two campuses. The main campus is located in Fengtai-Residence ofZhong-guan-cun High-Technology area. Hongmiao campus is located in the CentralBusiness District of Beijing (CBD). Approved by the Ministry of Education ofChina, CUEB has provided 38 undergraduate education majors. Postgraduate education provides for thestudents with Applied Economics, Business Administration, Management Scienceand Engineering as the first-class curricula of doctorate programs, and with 15second-class curricula of doctorate program; 55 authorized curricula for MS/MAgraduates, 12 authorized curricula of professional master programs. Inaddition, there is a Post-Doctor Mobile Station in Applied Economics. TheCUEB's faculty number is around 1600, including 120 professors, and 300associate professors. At present, there are about 21000 registered students,including 2500 graduates, 10000 full-time undergraduates, and over 500international students from 76 countries all over the world, more than 8000spare-time or teaching-by-correspondence adult students as well.

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