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"Teaching Seminar" held by Department of International Trade and Economics of School of Economics

Author: Hits: Date:2015-09-23

“Be strict on teaching quality and improve the levelof talent training” is the eternal theme in University education and the focusof School of Economics. Department of International Trade and Economics ofSchool of Economics held teaching seminar on the 7th floor of BoxueBuilding on Sep. 16th. The main content is to exchange teachingexperience between new and old teachers. Faculty members from other departmentsare invited to attend the seminar.


During the seminar, Huang Can, a young teacher fromdepartment of international trade and economics first taught “Standard tradetheory” of International Economics. Huang analyzed the production possibilitycurve with and without trade and raised questions like how to explainincreasing opportunity cost to students. Associate professor Zhao Tao thentalked on the topic of how to teach a good lesson based on his own teachingexperience. Zhao stressed that a teacher should form their own unique style ofteaching, and constantly enrich teacher’s lesson preparation, languageexpression and so on.



The presentation from new and experienced teachersraised fierce discussion among faculty members. Professor Kang Zengkui,associate professor Zhao Jiazhang, Wang Diankan, Wang Mingrong, assistantprofessor Shen Meng from Department of international trade and economics gavetheir opinions based on their teaching experience. The faculty members alsodiscussed on topics like how to teach knowledge to students clearly, how toprepare PowerPoints and so on. Professor Ma Fangfang, department dean of nationaleconomics, Zhang hong, department dean of industrial economics, professor Lijing, and professor Shen hongliang also attended the seminar and gave valuable speeches.


Professor Lang Lihua pointed out that teachers shouldhave a clear idea about the course, and advice young teachers to start withbasic courses, then move to professional courses. Departments should coordinateon course arrangements, make sure young teachers can improve teaching abilitygradually. Professor Xu Xue used Professor Zhang Liancheng as an example,pointed out that teachers should learn to explain profound theories in a simplelanguage. Professor Wang Jun gave advice on how to explain productionpossibility curve based on the assumption of economics.

Professor Zhang Liancheng summarized and gave hisopinion on teaching and this seminar. He pointed out that teachers should takestudents feelings into consideration while maintain his own style. No matterwhat kind of approach is applied, teachers should have a rigorous logic on selectingmaterial and analyzing process.

The feature of the teaching seminar is that it invitedboth young teachers as well as experienced processors. The seminar gave youngteachers an opportunity to learn from experienced professors, provides a stage foryoung teachers to show their new knowledge and culture as well. The teachingseminar ended with view collision and fusion, criticism and praise, thinkingand inspiration. The seminar was hosted by Professor Liu Hong, department deanof international trade and economics.


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