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School of Economics successfully held the 7th annualmeeting of International Economics and Finance Society China (IEFS China)

Author: Hits: Date:2015-07-16

The 7th annualmeeting of International Economics and Finance Society China (IEFS China) was successfullyheld by School of Economics on July 15, 2015. This year’s IEFS Meeting was jointlyhosted by Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) and University ofInternational Business and Economics (UIBE). Dr. Robert Koopman, ChiefEconomist of WTO and the USITC Office; Prof. Yin xiaopeng from UIBE, Executivesecretary of IEFS China; Prof. Lang lihua, Dean of School of Economics, CUEB; Prof.Xu xue, Party committee secretary of School of Economics, CUEB and the teachingfaculty of School of Economics, CUEB attended the meeting. The meeting washosted by Prof. Lang lihua.

Prof. Koopmangave the keynote speech named “The Role of Trade in Economic Growth andDevelopment” in which he introduced the current development in internationaltrade, economic growth and global value chain, as well as relevant researchwork done by WTO. Prof. Du jun from School of Economics, CUEB presented herworking paper named “One Belt and One Road’Initiative and Adjustment ofRegional Strategy in China”. During the presentation, Prof. Du gave her insightson several hot subjects, such as “the one belt one road” and “one bank onefund”. Prof. Yin xiaopeng from UIBE reported his paper titled “China’s BorderTrade under Regional Integration”. From a new perspective, Prof. Yin’s researchfocus on a comparative analysis of the state-owned enterprises, privateenterprises and joint ventures in border trade differences. Prof. Li jing fromSchool of Economics, CUEB gave a speech named “Reassessment of Roadmap for theRenminbi Internationalization” in which Prof. Li pointed out that theinternationalization of the Renminbi should be market driven rather than policydriven process.

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